Letters to the Editor

Bennett letter: F-35s

The Idaho Statesman’s editorial from Sunday April 9 headline read, “We support efforts to win a Boise F-35 mission — then make it a good fit.”

Really, think about that statement a minute. It is so idiotic for a multitude of reasons, it can’t be taken seriously. One reason is, we’ll make it fit after approval. We don’t know how many subdivisions the Air Guard may have to buy out, but if it’s too many, the Guard will just build a new runway. Also, we may require the Guard to alter their take-off and landing patterns so Boiseans might still live in a livable city. Never mind that the Guard will not be able to practice realistic battlefield flight habits, Boise must come first. Those reasons alone acknowledge how big the sound issue is.

I hope the Statesman uses the same standard when a mining company wants to open a mine near Idaho City or Atlanta. They surely will say it’s our heritage so let’s approve the mine, then we’ll find a way to make it fit. The best chance for Idaho to land the F-35 is to move the Air Guard to Mountain Home. Let common sense prevail.

Bob Bennett, Mountain Home