Letters to the Editor

Yount letter: Trump’s military

Electoral College President Trump did it again. Remaining true to form, the Master of Tomfoolery re-hoodwinked his loyalists and converted a few fence-sitters with his second Rambo-style military mission, this one expending $50 million of Tomahawk missiles to take out some outdated aircraft and various other easily replaced inanimate objects. Of course, he gave an hour’s notice to his Russian playmate Vlad, who in turn alerted the Syrians. Trumpsters on all levels of our social strata nodded their foggy heads in approval, while the realists called it for what it was: an expensive fireworks display to earn ECP Trump a “macho” moniker. Syria and Russia joined in an obligatory forceful empty threat; “better not do that again, Trump, or there will be consequences.”

Meanwhile, Assad continues to systematically destroy the entire Syrian nation with the able assistance of another master of death and destruction, Vlad and his murdering Russian army.

Our confused hawk/dove Electoral College president best be careful; the Middle East has Vietnam’s fingerprints all over it.

Tom Yount, Boise