Letters to the Editor

Nikkola letter: Flooding

Residents in Eagle have been alerted they may have to evacuate so we’re all watching TV weather reports about the flood levels of the Boise River. Most TV weather reports talk about the river’s water level in terms of “cubic feet of water being released from the Lucky Peak Dam” which is not relevant to most viewers. Why aren’t weather reports of the river’s high water level and the danger of flooding reported in terms of the river’s water level, in terms of “10 feet above flood stage,” so it’s more comprehensible to viewers who are not weather forecasters? I’ve lived in an area prone to flooding each spring and when I hear the river was “12 feet over flood stage,” I knew to stay away from that area. When I’m standing on the bridge on Eagle Road near the Garden Sheraton in Eagle and looking down at the Boise River, it’s frightening, so it would help to know how high the river had to be in order to flood and how many feet near or above flood stage it was right now.

Janna Nikkola, Boise