Letters to the Editor

Alexander letter: United flight

After viewing the video of the passenger being dragged off the United Airlines plane I am saddened and disappointed by the response. Not the response of the airline personnel who were robotically following company protocol. Not the response of the police officers who were blindly following orders. Those responses can be explained away by bad decisions made by individuals who clearly should not be placed in positions of authority. What cannot be explained away is the lack of response by the passengers who witnessed the degradation of another human being and sat silently by. Videoing the incident and posting it online to be viewed later by millions does not substitute for intervention. What kind of people have we become that we are so jaded by overreaching security procedures infiltrating every part of our public lives that we no longer think for ourselves? Maybe I wouldn’t have thought to stand up and protest either, but I guarantee you that my father, a World War II veteran and a man of integrity, would not have passively sat by and watched this happen to an innocent man who had paid his airfare and “just wanted to go home.” But then, my dad was a hero.

Bonnie Trounson Alexander, Boise