Letters to the Editor

Vuylsteke letter: F-35 editorial

I understand why the Editorial Board opinion in the Depth Section of the Idaho Statesman went unsigned in the Sunday April 9 edition regrading the support of the Boise F-35 jets for Gowen Field. The obvious reason for the anonymous insensitive cowards is simple: They are not one of the hundreds of homeowners or residents of the area that will be affected by the prospect of bringing the F-35s to Gowen. Try telling many residents of over 35 years-plus that they have to sell their house at below market value and move just because of the “Greater Good of Business.” While I do not live in the area of sonic doom, I know many of the scared and nervous residents in the Boise Bench. Must society always sacrifice the few for the many? The Treasure Valley is about much much more than just Gowen Field. Our nation’s security will not suffer because the F-35s aren’t stationed in Idaho. The rights and freedoms of United States citizens should come first and foremost, not the opinions and bullying of a few government aristocrats. Shame on anyone that forces neighbors to uproot their lives and feeling of security just to make money.

Mike Vuylsteke, Nampa