Letters to the Editor

Stevens letter: State taxes

My husband has just written a check to the state of Idaho for $6,800 for state income taxes. For this we got no snow removal services in our block of the North End of Boise for nearly two months this winter. We slipped, we fell, we skidded, we slid, we removed snow from our sidewalk as required by the city. We did our best to keep the gutter clear, although removing ice is a daunting task. Thank God neither of us were injured or sick as we spent many days totally house bound. My husband slid into the neighbor’s carport in the alley causing about $1,500 damage to our car. Of course, the city would never dream of plowing an alley. It is shameful, embarrassing and dangerous to live in a place where the state charges these kinds of taxes while putting seniors at peril during the winter. We do our part, why doesn’t Idaho do theirs? And we haven’t even talked about property taxes yet. Or sales taxes.

Wendy R. Stevens, Boise