Letters to the Editor

McCoy letter: Syrian attack

We are currently in Poland and visited Auschwitz recently. We have previously been in Hungry and Berlin. In all our visits there was one common theme in relation to the Nazis. The idea of a free press being evil came up. Hitler convinced most Germans that the press was not to be trusted. Sound familiar? Also from what I have been hearing over here is that the attack on Syria was not effective. We know that the Pentagon gave early warning to Russia to protect their military that is working with Syria. So it doesn’t take a genius to figure out why the strike was not effective. I served multiple tours in Vietnam and we would fly over an area in advance of a B-52 strike and drop leaflets warning the people. I worked what was called Bomb Damage Assessments (BDA’s) and would go in right after the bombing missions and would find very few, if any casualties, at least human. If we are going to commit to a military action we need to do it. There are going to be casualties but that is the nature of war. I am not for war so don’t think I am.

Rex McCoy, Boise