Letters to the Editor

Fraser letter: Proposed stadium

The idea is so amazingly stupid, I still have difficulty believing some people think Shoreline and Americana is a good location for a 5,000- to 7,000-seat multi-seat stadium and event center.

ACHD has just put out to bid the reconfiguring of Emerald from Orchard to Ann Morrison Park. It is neighborhood-approved and will have three lanes, bike lanes and walkways. The Connector, Capital, and 16th are multi-lane approaching the area. All other streets are two-lane running through neighborhoods.

Enough parking cannot possibly be provided, which puts the bulk of cars in the River Street neighborhoods, the two parks, and the neighborhoods on the First Bench.

Most of the services for the homeless are in the area. One can count on complaints about having to deal with the homeless while making one’s way to the stadium.

Given the history of such facilities in other cities, there’s a good chance the taxpayers of Boise will eventually get stuck with the bill.

And St. Luke’s is at it again.

Our beautiful parks, river, Greenbelt and the wildlife they support needs to be protected. Placing a stadium within 100 yards or so from them is the wrong thing to do.

Pam Fraser, Boise