Letters to the Editor

Feeny letters: Proposed stadium

In recent articles in the Idaho Statesman touting the proposed baseball-soccer stadium at the corner of Americana Boulevard and Shoreline Drive, there is no mention of any possible downside to such a proposal. Nor do any of the articles articulate how the ordinary citizen can voice opposition to the new stadium location. See April 6 Statesman front-page picture with a rendering of what a Boise baseball-soccer stadium might look like. The picture is rosy enough with the Foothills in the background.

The articles and pictures do not mention or show the residential neighborhoods up off of Americana Boulevard that will certainly be impacted by increased traffic, noise, fireworks and stadium lights lighting up the night sky. Nor is there mention of ACHD’s proposal to narrow the lane down Americana Boulevard to just one lane to accommodate bike riders. And no mention in any of the articles of any impact on Kathyrn Albertson Park off Americana Boulevard, which is known as a “haven for wildlife, including nesting waterfowl, herons, song birds, and deer.”

If the stadium is approved and built in the location proposed, will Boise still be “the most livable city in the country”? parks.cityofboise.org

Mary Feeny, Boise