Letters to the Editor

Pellegrini letter: Boise school bond

I urge everyone to vote yes for Boise schools next Tuesday. Our students deserve a sound learning environment. They deserve schools with modern fire safety features, proper ventilation, roofs that don’t leak and electrical systems that support modern technology. Many of our buildings need attention in these areas and deferring maintenance only adds to the cost.

Our students deserve an environment where they can thrive. Too many of our students do not have access to quality music spaces while studies prove that the arts are critical to all aspects of learning. Studies also show that physical activity during the day is important to student learning and reduces youth obesity, yet many of our schools lack physical activity spaces. Our college-bound students deserve state-of-the-art science labs and other students deserve top-notch job training programs so they can succeed after high school.

I especially want to urge Boiseans without students in public schools to take the time to cast a yes vote. I believe providing quality public education is the responsibility of all citizens. To ensure a prosperous community now and in the future we need to give our students the best education today. Vote yes next Tuesday.

Virginia Pellegrini, Boise