Letters to the Editor

Banks letter: Social peace

Citizens of goodwill — our founding fathers lived through times as filled with social turmoil as ours. They recognized the problem of social peace was not to be solved politically, but that the answer lies in the human heart. Appeal must be made to the natural law accessible to all people everywhere. Men were exhorted to practice “civic virtues” if relations among fellow citizens within our society were to be constructive. These virtues are more important than conservative vs. liberal or Republican vs. Democrat.

We live in a politically discordant time — from the streets of protest to the offices of our elected officials. We hope readers give consideration to these civic virtues and their practice: “Justice, self-governance, humility, responsibility, wisdom, courage, respect, and generosity.” The practice of these habits of the heart is the only hope for a return to concord for our nation and avoidance of anarchy or military intervention. It is a simple prescription that begins with each of us, and our field of practice is as near as our neighbor.

Fred and Lynaire Banks, Moscow