Letters to the Editor

Greegor letter: Vote no on HB 198

As one who teaches refugees and immigrants and values them and their contributions to our community, I am appalled by HB 198, currently under consideration by the 2017 State Legislature. HB 198 should alarm all who are concerned with civil rights. This bill would lead us down a very dangerous road — one which smacks of a police state, shows no respect for our refugee and immigrant communities and encourages racial profiling.

Do we really want to overburden our police departments and expose Idaho cities to a loss of sales tax revenues and potential lawsuits due to the unconstitutionality of this bill?

Today I strongly urge these members of the House State Affairs Committee to vote “no” on HB 198: Lynn Luker, Joe Palmer, James Holtzclaw and Steven Harris. And I urge you to contact your representatives to defeat this dangerous legislation.

Sonya Greegor, Boise