Letters to the Editor

Ferrell letter: Cleaning the swamp

One of the stated objectives of the current administration is to set term limits for Congress members. I suggest several other objectives that will facilitate the cleaning-of-the-swamp.

1. All federal employees (hired, appointed or elected) be subject to same medical and retirement benefits as applied to civil servants. No special programs for congressmen, senators, executive branch staff, or judicial staff to use separate and lucrative special programs.

2. No automatic pay raises for Congress. Let the judicial branch or an independent committee set up by the states be used to evaluate the group’s performance as it relates to doing the work of the people. They can then set pay raises (or reductions) accordingly.

3. Make and enforce that receiving benefits from a lobbyist is grounds for immediate removal from Congress.

4. Hold lobbyists accountable if they provide benefits to congressman in exchange for their votes. Seems to me that buying votes is very much like bribing a jury member. Jail time should be an adequate deterrent for lobbyists that do this.

John D. Ferrell, Boise