Letters to the Editor

Anderson letter: Horse industry

Fairness is something we expect from our government. We elect fellow citizens to our Legislature believing they will look after our best interest and insure fairness to each of us. I have been involved with horses my entire life and feel that we are not being treated fairly by the legislators of our state. Recently they have avoided two issues related to gaming in our state. One issue had to do with the lottery, the other with Indian gaming. The legislators quickly sidestepped these issues and did not bring them to the floor for a vote.

Our governor recently stated that there has to be an element of fairness in reference to the treatment of the horse industry. The people of our state and the industry deserve fair treatment from the Legislature. My family, friends and other members of the horse industry have suffered greatly from the unfair treatment and lack of a level playing field created by the Legislature.

Is the governor the only one who sees the injustice and is willing to speak out for the people? Where are those legislators who pledged to represent us fairly and asked for our votes to elect them?

Randy Anderson, Emmett