Letters to the Editor

Nichols letter: Convention of states

If one were devious, one could create a deceptive organization called “a convention of states” used to subvert the Constitution in the name of saving it. Who would know the difference?

The only way to amend or replace the Constitution is Article 5. Dangers exist no matter what it is called. History proves a called convention cannot be limited. In the Federalist #40, Madison wrote that delegates exceeded commissions and remember the Constitution came from a convention after scrapping the Articles of Confederation. Article 5 wasn’t meant for this moment allowing a well-financed subversive force with an opposing political agenda to scrap our Constitution which has been a light to the world.

These forces such as COS being promoted by Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., Jason Smith and George Soros have no desire to rein in government. They and their progressive allies desire to replace it.

Are you really going to let Soros buy our Republic and our liberty? We implore our leaders: Don’t be taken in by these slick-talkers’ words. Stand now in defense of our Constitution, liberty and the Republic. Will you be deceived?

Tammy Nichols, Caldwell