Letters to the Editor

Cornelison letter: President Trump

Had to laugh the other day as our esteemed Congress and Senate fueled up their limousines and scurried home for a week of shoveling snow and then, good politicians all, scampered like rabbits to various town halls to shovel conservative offal at their constituents. What a raucous greeting they all got. Welcome home, boys and girls. Now let’s all make America great again.

Had to laugh even harder when President Donald Trump, always willing to tweet his two cents, ruffled his hackles up and labeled those rancorous town-hall mobs as “paid liberal activists.” I’m sure he’s proud. That’s like massive job creation, one more campaign promise duly kept. What a guy. Oh so easy.

Nearing 70 and on the dole via Social Security and Medicare, two government entitlements sure to get hammered into oblivion by right-thinking Republicans in the next four years, I’m snuffing up my resume and going job hunting. Liberal activist. You can get paid for being one of them? Ought to look right smart under occupation on my tax return. Got a feeling, though, that that employment line is growing really, really long.

Scott Cornelison, Eagle