Letters to the Editor

Giltner letter: Horse industry

I agree with Gov. Butch Otter’s statement about the treatment of the horse industry: “There’s got to be an element of fairness.” A statement by Otter speaks volumes about the treatment of the horse industry in this state. The Lottery and Indian gaming are protected by the legislature that sided with the tribes in closing down the small venue of historic racing and collapsed the industry taking with it the great good it does for our state, youth programs and small communities.

The machines used by Indian gaming and the machines used by the lottery have never passed the test of being in compliance with the constitution. Perhaps that is because they are sacred cows to the legislature as they act as judge and jury without due process. Where is the fairness?

The horse industry is a multi-billion dollar clean industry that is spread across our state and has a huge positive economic impact. Idaho has one of the largest per capita ratios of horses to people of any place in the world. Youth programs across our state are involved with horses. There are over 400 days of rodeo each year. It is part of our very fabric.

Bob Giltner, Jerome