Letters to the Editor

Herz letter: Trump changes

Those who voted for Trump asked us to give him a chance to succeed and make positive changes. His appointments and actions to date have told me what I need to know. Here are the changes we can expect: Increased air pollution; increased water pollution; oil and gas wells and mines on our national lands; Wall Street running our treasury; reduced farm output due to labor shortages; increased consumer prices due to tariffs and taxes on our trade partners; increased budget deficits due to increased spending (who’s paying for those 10,000 new border employees?) and reduced taxes for the wealthy; reduced spending for public education to fund religious schools; total disregard for facts; increased misinformation and fake news (think “1984”); increased medical costs and no insurance for some; increased danger for Americans traveling overseas; reduced consumer protections; loss of our closest allies; reduced religious freedom (remember why the Pilgrims came to America?); increased bigotry and anti-everyone who’s not white, male; stagnant minimum wage; America is sliding towards third-world status. If these are the changes you wanted, you should be happy. If this is not what you want for America, remember to vote in 2018 and change the rubber stamp congress.

Marian Herz, Boise