Letters to the Editor

Cartee letter: Illegal fireworks

Recently, legislation was voted down for stopping the sales of illegal fireworks in Idaho. To worsen that decision, they denied Boise residents a public hearing. Many Idahoans were appalled by this negligent act by the Idaho House. We live here because it represents our love of life and our lifestyles. But for one national holiday a year, Fourth of July, we put our lives, homes and personal safety in jeopardy with the use of illegal fireworks. We worry over the loss of homes, loss of lives and land. Perhaps the legislature has forgotten the firemen who fight these fires and the hospitals who treat the patients. The illegal fireworks are sold at only two establishments in southwest Idaho. The state requires them to have the buyer sign an affidavit saying he/she will not set them off in Idaho. Is that like you buy a box of six ice cream bars and promise the clerk you will only eat one a day? No doubt the real reason illegal fireworks are sold is for state revenue. I strongly urge the state to reopen this issue to provide dialogue and feedback. Citizens of Boise, please call write, and email your representatives today.

Donna Cartee, Boise