Letters to the Editor

Young letter: Russia and the 2016 election

There have been a number of reports in the press concerning involvement of Russia in attempting to manipulate the 2016 election. Recent reports suggest that the Trump campaign may have been complicit in aiding the Russians. Many of the news reports are based on leaked information. Trump says it’s fake news. We need the truth.

I’m urging our Idaho congressional delegation to support an independent bipartisan commission to investigate. This should not be a partisan issue to be exploited for political gain. Democrats are already pounding the table using inflammatory words like treason. I doubt election manipulation rises to the level of treason. However, it does have the stink of conspiracy and election manipulation could seriously undermine our democratic process. If some people in the Trump campaign or even Trump had a hand in assisting the Russians, we need to know. If you love the Constitution and believe in the Rule of Law, I urge you to contact the Idaho delegation and voice your support for an independent bipartisan commission to get to the truth. The longer Republicans drag their feet, the more it taints their credibility. Call your congressman.

James Young, Boise