Letters to the Editor

Strong letter: Fireworks bill

Good grief. What is wrong with the House State Affairs Committee anyway? What business lobby padded their pockets enough for them to take no action on a bill to do away with selling illegal fireworks in Idaho? Common sense plus fires caused by illegal fireworks sold here tell us all that it is a joke, that all you have to do is sign a paper saying you won’t set them off here and you can buy them.

If I’m not crazy, our surrounding states have laws against setting off those same fireworks in their states. So where is it that anyone can set them off without breaking the law? The lobbyists win again. But, hey, this is Idaho; the Good Ole Boys always look out for their own.

And I won’t even start on religious groups that let children die while our cowardly Legislature buries its head in the sand.

Rob Strong, New Meadows