Letters to the Editor

Shue letter: No F-35s

The F-35 mission is detrimental to the Bench and the city. The Guest Opinion in the Idaho Statesman recently was the latest assault from the “pro-F35” group featuring a “heavy hitter” from the oh-so-important business community. The first question that comes to mind is “Where in Boise does this gentleman reside?” The Bench area? If not, thanks, but no thanks for your advice on “tolerating a few seconds of noise, a few times a day.” This does not adequately describe what will be imposed upon residents of the Bench. The “impact area” is classified as “Not Suitable for Residential Use.” My home is not in this area but is negatively affected as demonstrated the summer of 2015, as Mountain Home Air Force Base used Boise runways.

The main pro-F-35 argument is the economic benefit for Boise. If the F-35s are flown out of Mountain Home, an area readied for such a mission, does that not help the state and the communities around Boise? Is it not in Idaho’s interest to help economic growth throughout the state, not just in Ada County? Boise will still reap the benefits this mission will bring.

Everyone benefits when we share with neighboring communities.

Dorothy Shue, Boise