Letters to the Editor

Neilson letter: Medicare Advantage

As the U.S. Congress considers the future of our health, I hope Idaho’s delegation will once again stand out as supporters of Medicare Advantage for senior citizens.

I rely on Medicare Advantage because it helps me take control of my health. I was able to shop for the health plan that fit my medical situation, and was happy to find great coverage with no monthly premium. Medicare Advantage focuses on wellness and proactive disease management, so every beneficiary can be the healthiest possible version of themselves. Even though I have heart disease, diabetes, and moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis, I’m still able to remain active and independent. And the help I’m getting to take care of my diseases has helped me avoid any progression that could require more medication or even put me in the hospital. A lot of the credit goes to Medicare Advantage.

After paying into Medicare for decades, I’m grateful that it’s working for me now. Thank you to Idaho’s senators for supporting funding for Medicare Advantage plans. I hope to see my congressman, Rep. Raul Labrador, also support funding for Medicare Advantage for us seniors.

Gayla Neilson, Boise