Letters to the Editor

McKenzie letter: Shooting ranges

The Constitution and people’s rights are front-line news these days. Due process is another issue seen. In making an appeal to a special use permit to expand a local shooting range into a military training range a half-mile from the city of Hagerman, the city, its citizens as well as county officials have had their rights removed. The Legislature of Idaho passed a statute that with regard to sport shooting ranges, the “Local governmental law is herein preempted and local governments shall not have authority to ... nor shall a local government have authority to make any action described in section 55-2604(5).” Unbelievable. The statute 55-2605 “Preemption of Local Authority” gives an existing shooting range “safe harbor.” Once established a shooting range can buy property and “expand” right to your front door. They are not regulated by any local zoning ordinances, they are protected by state law. Local laws and ordinances to protect public safety do not exist. You, your city and your county are “preempted” from your constitutional rights and due process. This effects all citizens of Idaho. Read it — then write your legislator demanding your rights back before this happens to your locality.

Kathy McKenzie, Hagerman