Letters to the Editor

McCabe letter: Refugees

When I read the letter to the editor by John Vrbanac of Meridian, Feb. 20, I was appalled at how misinformed he was regarding refugees. He makes the claim that the U.S. admitted 1,000,000 refugees in 2015. Without moving from my chair and without interrupting my breakfast, I was able to use my phone to ascertain, from multiple reliable sources, that in 2015 the U.S. admitted slightly fewer than 70,000 refugees. Apparently Mr. Vrbanac, like so many people in our country today, subscribes to a “fake news” outlet that has skewed his perspective. If we’re going to debate our country’s immigration policies, let’s start with facts, not fiction. We are still a rich and free nation, and we continue to be a beacon of hope for “your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”

Tom McCabe, Boise