Letters to the Editor

Marchbanks letter: Russian hacking

About a month ago, Sen. Jim Risch stated that no one should be surprised by reports of Russian hacking (as it relates to our election process); that there is no evidence that the Russians “interfered” with our election; and that the Senate Intelligence Committee might investigate, but that he didn’t expect to learn anything new.

With all due respect, that’s not good enough.

Whether Russian interference actually swayed the election results, these very actions should be of grave concern. Of course, there are now strong indicators that the then-future president’s staff was in contact with the Russians before and after the election, discussing God knows what.

This is too big an issue for partisanship. Risch and the Senate Intelligence Committee have an obligation to conduct its investigation without partisan blinders and without preconceived conclusions.

Brent Marchbanks, Boise