Letters to the Editor

Hinton letter: Medical marijuana

Gov. Butch Otter still doesn’t get that the majority of Idahoans support medical marijuana. It is a huge waste of federal and state taxpayer money to want to fight every state that surrounds Idaho. Almost narrow-minded. He’s wasted money on Idaho broadband fiasco and a million dollars on the private prison deal. As the courts have already showed, just because you think you’re right doesn’t mean you’re right. We need politicians who actually represent their constituents. If the vote on medical marijuana actually made it to the people of Idaho, it would pass. Will someone please pass a bill showing us transparency of Idaho lawmakers’ political donors, so we can see who they actually represent? So many people are forced into so-called criminal acts to manage medical conditions or to take care of loved ones. Call the governor’s office and tell him to use Idaho’s money better. Where is mine and the 60 percent of Idaho that supports medical marijuana representation in the state government?

Tim Hinton, Garden City