Letters to the Editor

Fischer letter: Donald Trump

Our “reality star” president seems to be disconnected from reality. First, his claim that he earned the most dominant Electoral College win since Reagan. He earned the second-lowest vote behind George W. Bush. Then the claims that he was a victim of voter fraud underscored by thousands of fictitious people crossing the border from Massachusetts to cast illegal ballots in New Hampshire. Everyone has disputed these ridiculous claims. A respectable president would stop lying unless his real purpose is to stoke unfounded fears that will lead states to crack down on voter rights. Never mind we have a Constitution that guarantees voter rights. Then comes the travel ban against immigrants and refugees, i.e. Muslims, inflaming terrorists while purporting to keep us safer. Just one more break from reality ... religious discrimination is prohibited in this country. Most worrisome is his obsession with Russia and notions that it was just fine his associates frequently contacted a country known to meddle in other countries’ political affairs (remember Ukraine?). He dismisses these serious missteps as fake news manufactured by media, aka “enemies of the people.” Yes, that sounds exactly like Russia. Today “our” reality is this guy is unfit to be our president.

Hanna Fischer, Boise