Letters to the Editor

DeWitt letter: Risch and Crapo

Well, they did it again. Our so-called senators, Jim Risch and Mike Crapo, threw us under the bus. I get that they are members of the GOP who do not care about the well-being of Idaho citizens, but really, who do they work for, us or Trump? Think about it, they confirmed Betsy DeVos, a totally incompetent person, to lead a department that she knows nothing about. If they were working for us they would have sent her back to Trump with a note saying you can do better, send us someone who can do the job. They refused to stand up for us and do their job we elected them to do. Party before People. Now they want to take away Idaho citizens’ health care with no replacement. Again, they don’t care about real people who need but can’t afford health care. They are willing to spend $25 billion on a wall to keep us safe but let us suffer and die in our homes because of inadequate health care. Given the opportunity they will go after our Social Security and Medicare, then we will be without a home and health care.

Louis DeWitt, Eagle