Letters to the Editor

Brother letter: Science standards

Did I read that right? The House Education Committee approved new science standards sans information regarding climate change and the impact humans have had on this issue? And that they have previously been concerned about teaching the science of the Origin of the Universe? What alternative views are there? Has “Alternative Facts Conway” inserted her gibberish into the heads of this committee? Facts are facts folks, no alternatives. Opinion is a difference of views, which you can discuss amongst yourselves. However, education is education. Children deserve to be taught what we adults have ignored too long. We haven’t taken climate change seriously enough and now we’re leaving it to our grandchildren to figure it out. It is imperative that they be armed with information to make better choices than past generations have. It’s your job to see they have the most current data to make the choices that will help heal the planet. They have to live here. Perhaps there’s another Committee you can switch to and let some teachers take over your current positions. Is there a Flat Earth Committee available?

Charlotte Brother, Boise