Letters to the Editor

Basinger letter: Climate change

On Feb. 8th, some of America’s most respected conservative leaders brought a major policy proposal to the White House. They included the only two people ever to be both Secretary of State and Treasury, George Shultz and James Baker. Conservative economists Gregory Mankiw, Henry Paulson and business leader Rob Walton are authors. What issue did these Republicans of enormous stature feel was so important to address? Was it health care policy, immigration or trade policy? None of the above. It was the threat of climate change.

They stated, “Mounting evidence of climate change is growing too strong to ignore. While the extent to which climate change is due to man-made causes can be questioned, the risks associated with future warming are too big and should be hedged. At least we need an insurance policy.”

To all conservatives in Idaho, including those in our state Legislature that claim climate change is just a liberal issue, please read the proposal, “The Conservative Case for Carbon Dividends.” Be prepared to say you know more than this combined group of statesmen, business and economic leaders, or start learning about how climate change is affecting our state. A committee hearing would be a great start.

Nancy Basinger, Boise