Letters to the Editor

McClure letter: F&G fee increases

As a sportsman, I support the Idaho Fish & Game’s proposed fee increase. I do not agree with a fee increase to add money for ranchers for crop damage or allow auction tags or rancher tags to sell. Most ranchers will not allow access to their property to hunt so why should sportsmen pay for their losses? Growing up on an Idaho farm, I respect the right of the ranchers not to let hunters on their property because of disrespect of their property such as leaving gates open, littering shooting sights, etc. When people are caught destroying public or private property, they should lose their right to hunt. Idaho big game should be managed by the Fish & Game, not by politics for special interest groups. I encourage all sportsmen to help support the Idaho Fish and Game fee increase without strings attached by legislators telling them how the fee increase money is to be used.

Dennis McClure, Nampa