Letters to the Editor

Hauser letter: Climate change is real

One would assume, by listening to our distinguished Legislature, that Sharia Law, women exercising their reproductive rights, tribal gaming machines, refugees, massage therapists, and yoga instructors are the greatest threats to Idaho. Climate change on the other hand is a real threat to Idaho and has the distinct possibility of affecting Idaho’s precious natural resources and economy, thereby harming all its citizens. Rather than craft legislation to mitigate the causes of, or adapt to climate change, the Idaho House determined the best course of action was to strip key references of human-caused climate change from K-12 science standards.

The ideologically driven conservative Idaho Legislature, in their act of scientific censorship, has shown a wanton disregard for education and preparing Idaho’s youth to transition into a competitive and radically changing labor market that in part will be shaped by an anthropogenic-altered climate and its impacts. Unfortunately, this move should come as little surprise. Systematic devaluation of education and facts by Republicans ensures an abundant population of under-educated individuals, of whom they rely upon as their key voter base. Climate change is not “fake news,” nor a conspiracy conceived by China. It’s real and should be a mandated component of Idaho’s K-12 curriculum.

Scott Hauser, Boise