Letters to the Editor

Brown letter: Science standards

Just when I began to wake up from the nightmare of the DeVos nomination, I learn that the Idaho Legislature is employing the “alternate facts” method of changing the Idaho Science Standards by “whiting out” references to climate change. Ironically, we at once call for more stringent science and math curricula and then make up the science and math behind it. Our students deserve better. The reality is that our future depends on our students to be prepared to see the big picture connection of climate change and the impact that it will continue to have on Idaho’s forests, farms, ranches, recreation and lifestyle. Like our new science-denying Federal Administration, we are pretending that eliminating the words from the standards makes our collective responsibility go away and it is business as usual. We must respect our scientific minds who have been telling the truth now for years so we can plan for a sustainable future not only Idahoans, but for all. If we don’t, we will see disruption of life, as we know it, on a scale that will make the current humanitarian crisis seem like nothing and no metaphorical wall will protect us as we cook the continents.

Cathy Nuxoll Brown, Boise