Letters to the Editor

Bonnivier letter: Idaho Farm Bureau

The Idaho Farm Bureau (IFB) position against Park status for Craters of the Moon is bizarre and confusing, especially since a majority of local citizens support the change. IFB’s stated reason? Distrust of the federal government.

So, who is IFB and why should we trust them? I first bought insurance from IFB years ago because they insured farms. I never paid attention to the small part of my bill designated “dues.” Nor did I understand or actually care what being an IFB “member” meant — I was just buying some farm insurance. Finally I took the time to read their annual report where they outline positions on everything from anti-gay marriage to the conspiratorial motives of government.

When IFB claims they represent their 70,000 Idaho members, don’t trust them. I was just buying farm insurance. I was not intending to buy into their politics, and I’m sure that I’m not alone among their “members.” For many of us, they just sell insurance.

Yes to Craters National Park.

Guy Bonnivier, Bellevue