Letters to the Editor

Ashcraft letter: WECRD board meetings

Western Elmore County Recreation District: Dogs before families.

The WECRD Board is back to two members now that Connie Clark has resigned, so Mayne and Nelson are once again providing the city with funds, this time for a dog park project instead of a family recreation center. City Councilman Schroeder has ideas on how to spend the WECRD taxpayer money for city projects.

When will the WECRD board get around to building the family recreation center? Their answer is always noncommittal with excuses that the property must be re-evaluated, resurveyed, redesigned, etc. At the rate they are spending the taxpayers’ money for projects such as the rodeo grounds crow’s nest for $70,000, there will not be enough money to build any recreation center.

Mayne and Nelson wanted to dissolve the district, and are doing just that through erosion of the 4 million taxpayer dollars saved over the 13 years. If the taxpayers of western Elmore County want their tax dollars used for the original purpose of building a family recreation center, speak up and attend the meetings on the third Wednesday at 6 p.m.; otherwise, your tax dollars will be used for projects that have no connection to our long-awaited family recreation center.

Betty Ashcraft, Mountain Home