Letters to the Editor

York letter: Health care for Idahoans

I read the Statesman daily online and am grateful for its coverage. But I also read the Washington Post online. On Feb. 10 the Post spotlighted Idaho in an article outlining our recent history of rejecting the Affordable Care Act and Medicare expansion and ending up with nothing for nearly 80,000 working poor Idahoans. The article cites examples of families suffering and of deaths from conditions easily treatable, all because our Republican-dominated Legislature presumed everyone was/is getting the care they need. That presumption from Marv Hagedorn. But more telling is another quote — from a gathering of coffee drinkers in Homedale — “Obamacare, I don’t want nothing to do with it,” and that from a Medicare recipient (a government health care plan, no?). That quote portrays an attitude that is the essence of the current Republican regime — a vengeance to undo everything associated with the name Obama — everything — and with no replacement plans to make anything better. Idaho’s two senators and two congressmen are following Republican marching orders to a T, showing no leadership on the national scene, no spine, no questioning, no regard for the real needs of Idaho citizens. I’m angry. I want real leaders, real solutions based on fact, and conversations free of outdated party politics.

Nadine York, Boise