Letters to the Editor

Stacey letter: Persi Op Ed

I applaud the efforts of the authors of the recent Guest Opinion regarding PERSI Plundering to bring this inequity before our Legislature and to taxpayer attention.

For over 25 years, Idaho legislators have given colleagues who land highly paid political appointments almost a $1 million retirement benefit without requiring them to pay commensurate contributions into the PERSI system. Every other public employee is required to do so. How can it be right to convert part-time service to a full-time benefit without payment?

Legislative inaction to correct this inequity is indefensible and long overdue. A committee of six private citizens who sets legislative compensation has recommended that the Legislature remove this benefit, which was awarded without the committee’s knowledge. How much has this cost us? Where is the Legislature’s fiscal conservatism in this obvious abuse of public spending?

A bill to remove this benefit passed the House in 2015 but was killed by leadership in the Senate. Where is our legislative leadership this year? Are they anticipating their own lucrative political appointments and full PERSI retirement benefits?

I urge you to contact your legislators and tell them to support the introduction of a bill to eliminate this unearned, unmerited benefit.

Virginia Stacey, Boise