Letters to the Editor

Huffaker letter: Obamacare

My husband and I have a family member who owns a successful small business. The first year the Obamacare premium was affordable so they signed up. Every year since then the price has gone up. Finally all they could do was opt out and pay the penalty. They knew that if there was a major medical need they would be in trouble. Well it happened, there was an accident, an injury and astronomical medical bills. They are on their own to pay their bills because they cannot afford insurance and yet they are still required to pay the penalty. Where is the justice in that?

It is the government’s role is to keep the peace, protect our borders and empower the people so that they can take care of themselves. Obamacare took the power, to make our own decisions, away from “we the people.” It is a slap in the face for the middle income family, especially the small business owner.

Health care should be handled in the states between patients and their doctors, not by bureaucrats in the D.C. bubble. Republicans in Congress need to keep their promise, repeal Obamacare and do it now.

Ramona Huffaker, Meridian