Letters to the Editor

Dzur letter: Medical care costs

It is flu and pneumonia season, which brings me to write this letter. Medical Economics has been publishing a lot of articles about immunizations recently and their benefits. It is estimated if patients and doctors were careful to be sure all age patients received their required immunizations, we would save $5.4 billion in medical care costs and lost production time each year. If our patients would exercise daily and eat a reasonable diet devoid of raw sugars and our doctors followed the guidelines for the care of chronic diseases we could easily double or even triple that amount of savings.

Those of you who think there are too many side effects to immunizations, the facts are there are very few side effects. Some over-the-counter painkillers — which you all take and also give to your children — have hundreds more side affects, some fatal, than immunizations. The diseases immunizations protect you from are much more deadly and cause far more serious problems than immunizations, which very rarely cause death or permanent side effects. Immunizations do not cause autism.

Please ask your doctor if your immunizations are up to date and save health care costs.

James R. Dzur, M.D., Nampa