Letters to the Editor

Jones letter: Trump administration

The fact that we now have an unqualified and totally corrupt man leading our country is a travesty to anyone who values what makes us Americans in the first place. We will be placed under equally corrupt and divisive Cabinet picks whose extreme views go beyond anything resembling the reality of what is actually happening in this country. Government protections and oversight will be ended and a new era of unfettered greed and self-serving actions by the wealthy and powerful in this country will prevail, with no consequences to be had for any of the destructive actions to come. Progress that we made in health care, the environment, financial reforms, and equality — both for women, gender, and race — will be rolled back to mirror our earlier mistakes that were made in this country. Those who voted for Trump and were willing to overlook the fact that they would be subjecting many Americans here to future suffering and hardship, I can only say, this is your burden and you can carry this dubious responsibility for the next four years.

Shannon Jones, Nampa