Letters to the Editor

Albritton letter: Season for compassion

In this holiday season where many come together with family and friends to share love and kindness, it is important to remember not all are fortunate to have food, shelter or even a job. Many families struggle to make ends meet even with full time employment. Often times living in cars or on the streets. Many elderly struggling between food and medication.

These struggles are a reminder that the Idaho Legislature is failing in its commitment to the citizens of Idaho. It has failed in funding education, (funding at 2009 levels). Ask yourself how many bonds and levies you have voted on for education. The Legislature fails in health care access. The Legislature fails in livable wages. These failures lead to homelessness, poverty, sickness and sometimes death.

So as this holiday season begins and ends, let us hope the Legislature’s New Year’s resolution is to actually help all citizens of Idaho. But then again it is a resolution, and like many New Year’s resolutions, it will be all talk and no action.

If this is truly the time of compassion and caring, then hold the Legislature accountable for their failures to the struggling citizens of Idaho.

Thomas Albritton, Weiser