Letters to the Editor

Tobias letter: Confirm David Nye

“While gridlock grinds in Washington, justice suffers in Idaho” (editorial, Dec. 11) astutely describes and decries the Senate’s utter failure to remedy the vacancy crisis that now plagues the District of Idaho and individuals and businesses engaged in federal court litigation. The Senate must confirm David Nye, an experienced Idaho state trial court judge, whom home state senators proposed and support and President Barack Obama nominated many months ago. Recently, the Senate recessed without voting on Nye. This means that Obama must renominate Nye on Jan. 3 when the new Senate convenes. The Judiciary Committee ought to promptly reapprove the nominee and the Senate should swiftly confirm him. If those actions are not taken, the Idaho senators must recommend Nye again to President Donald Trump, who must quickly renominate Nye and the Senate needs to rapidly process him.

Carl Tobias, Richmond, Va.