Letters to the Editor

Shepherdson letter: Hybrid car fees

I know as Christmas ends, we will be starting up the Idaho legislative session, and they have a productive session. I am writing in hopes that my representatives could bring up the hybrid tax and help to repeal it. I know Idaho is looking for ways to fund our roads and we have relatively low gas tax in our state. However, I think that we are going the wrong direction in this extra tax for hybrid users. One, we paid more for the vehicle and paid more upfront sales tax. Two, the highest gas savings in a hybrid is the ability to not burn fuel while idle. Those who put this law in effect are then essentially penalizing us for not burning fossil fuel while idle. Third, more and more non-hybrid vehicles are coming onto the market that will be able to get over 40 mpg on the road. Where will Idaho be in road funds when that happens and all we’ve focused on is taxing a car that says “hybrid” on it? There has to be a better way that Idaho can fund our roads and still encourage efficient vehicles on our roads.

Joni Shepherdson, Meridian