Letters to the Editor

Stevens letter: Donald Trump

I am 75 and a retired U.S. Army officer. I have seen presidents come and go. I have never seen a person less qualified than Donald Trump. He changes his position almost daily (the “Great Wall” now may have a few “fences” in it, and Mexico is not going to pay for it), exaggerates his knowledge and abilities (“I know more about ISIS than the generals” — how did he get his knowledge?), deliberately and mean-spiritedly humiliated a disabled person on national TV, and has described how women could be treated in the most lewd, pornographic, demeaning and disgraceful manner I have ever known ... and I’ve been around the block a time or two. When asked, he even included his own daughter in this category.

Now he’s desperately trying to head off a congressional investigation into all of the things that we’ve been hearing about how the Russians probably hacked into our recent national elections and probably helped Trump win the Electoral College, although he lost the popular vote to Clinton by about 2.8 million votes. Nevertheless, he continues to refer to his victory as a “landslide” ... another example of how he twists language to deceive the voters. “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.”

Jack Stevens, Boise