Letters to the Editor

Jones letter: Salmon

Congratulations to the Statesman’s Dec. 2 editorial regarding Idaho’s salmon. As a fifth-generation Idaho native, wild salmon are as much a part of Idaho’s DNA as our scenic mountain vistas and potatoes. Unfortunately, I and too many others have missed the opportunity to see our wild salmon complete their journey home. As a Trout Unlimited member and fisherman, I support restoring wild salmon to strong, fishable levels for me and future generations. With regards to barging, commerce and power generation, I understand the reality of making a living, but that doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice salmon to do so. With the lower Snake River dams being the biggest detriment to salmon survival, removal of the dams provides a huge opportunity to do something amazing for our future generations. Surely we can figure out how to return Idaho’s wild salmon to us while getting food on our tables and electricity to our computers. A free-flowing river will require free-flowing minds that think outside the box.

Chris Jones, Boise