Letters to the Editor

Labelle letter: Donald Trump

I am deeply disappointed in Robert Ehlert’s decision to publish the opinion piece “Trump looks skilled as he builds his executive team.” The author Andrew Malcolm’s conflation of facts with opinions is a further extension of President-elect Trump’s disturbing disregard for the truth. Malcolm wrote, “So far, Trump has been surprisingly steady. The wee-hour tweetstorms have largely disappeared.”

Malcolm is wrong about Donald Trump looking skilled and his tweeting habits. As an example of his ongoing tweetstorms, President-elect Trump sent a series of 11 tweets on Nov. 27 beginning at 4:19 a.m. PST culminating in his staggeringly dishonest assertion that he would have “won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally.” Malcolm is making the grave error of not only inaccurately characterizing Trump’s tweeting, but also breezily normalizing Trump’s erratic, unprofessional, dishonest and hateful behavior even as President-elect Trump continues to violate the norms of American democracy. Malcolm concludes that the American people have been provided with reassurance that our president-elect is thoughtfully and carefully prepared for the job ahead and we should ride this wave of joy into the holiday season. I am not reassured. I am terrified.

Amber Labelle, Boise