Letters to the Editor

Numbers letter: Want my country back

Dear Santa — All I want for Christmas this year is my beautiful country back. You know:

The country my immigrant ancestors fought and died for; the inclusive country they envisioned and hoped for; the tolerant country; the accepting country; the big, brawny, open-armed, open-minded, multi-cultural, multi-lingual, multi-colored country that’s taken over 240 years and many, many struggles to perfect; the big, smiling, open-hearted country that embraces refugees from around the world — because that’s what has made America great for well over two centuries and will continue to make America great if we just let it continue; the progressive country that strives to move forward instead of backward; the wide-ranging country that tackles injustice around the world because we are not afraid to stand up to tyranny, dictators and despots, both foreign and domestic, when we recognize it; the eminently charitable country that has, without hesitation, provided untold millions of dollars and untold millions of hours of personal, individual effort to relieve human suffering around the world; the country we can continue to be proud of; the country the world can continue to look up to; in other words, America the Beautiful. Thank you, Santa.

Joe Numbers, Boise