Letters to the Editor

Landers letter: America is great

It is easy to find fault in America but we are the greatest country along with great people who are making a difference in a charitable way and a helping hand by giving of their time. We can rebuild and invest in the people and they will invest in America with unity and hard work because America is built on the backs of laborers who have built the bridges to cross and the buildings that stand tall and proud. We are a nation that comes to the aid of those in need or those who have lost from disasters or those who seek freedom because we have always been there for the less fortunate or those whose rights have been infringed upon. We are a nation of ideas and creativity and one day we will conquer diseases and create medicine to save more lives but also one day we will be able to achieve peace and harmony by working together. I believe the greatest asset to America is people and strength in unity to solve problems and find solutions to create opportunity and jobs so there are less homeless and hungry because we can do it.

John Landers, Wilder