Letters to the Editor

Spaulding letter: Liberal Statesman

I’ve lived in the Boise area now for over 20 years and have noticed the extreme liberal bias that your writers have, when you consider that this is a very conservative city and state. Your staff has every right to endorse someone as crooked and evil as Hillary Clinton, even though she was defeated soundly in this state. But I will say that your liberal views about Donald Trump certainly don’t reflect the opinions of the vast majority of the voters in this state. We get enough extreme liberal bias through the mainstream media, and to put it bluntly, we can see right through it and we’re not having any of it. There are many other internet sources out there where we can read truthful conservative sources, and just to let you know, you’re not indoctrinating anybody. President-elect Trump has many good ideas regarding taxation, immigration, healthcare, and other areas, and the vast majority of the voters in this state will be proud to have him as our president. It was Obama who was wanting to have a permanent Congress and presidency through his nonexistent immigration policies. And now look at which party is in shambles.

William Spaulding, Meridian